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Apr 06, 2021 by Megan Dahlman

What I Eat in a Day

Megan Dahlman Strong Mommas Podcast

Balanced Healthy Eating Habits in Action

Alright let’s be honest, good nutrition guidelines are all fine and dandy, but they’re not helpful at all if you’re not sure how to put them into practice. Or if they’re way too complicated to put into practice! So, on today’s episode, Scott and I are pulling back the curtain and sharing with you exactly what we eat on an average day and WHY. If you’ve been needing some help putting those healthy eating habits into action, you’re going to love this one. 

This episode is all about showing you what good healthy eating habits can look like in real life. 

>>I want to show you how I implement the habits I’ve been teaching you over the past couple episodes: 

  1. Eating slowly and mindfully
  2. Eating PRO’s with every meal - shooting for 1g of protein per pound and 6-10 servings of produce per day
  3. Eating less processed foods, and being mindful with my carbs and fats

>>I want to tell you why I choose the foods that I do for my own body. 

>>And ultimately, I want you to feel like you are capable of eating like this, too. And I know that you are because I have dozens and dozens of members and clients that have revamped their eating habits and are finally eating healthy.

How and What I eat in a typical day

  1. First of all, it’s the HOW...the environment and the mannerisms. When I eat my meals, I
    1. Sit down at the dining room table
    2. Give myself 15-20 minutes to eat
    3. I’m usually reading on my phone
    4. I try to pay attention to how full and satisfied I’m becoming. Most meals I end up eating everything on my plate, because I’ve figured out the ideal portions through trial and error so I’m not wasting any food. 
  2. Secondly, it’s WHAT I eat...the food that I prepare and put on my plate. 
    1. Breakfast 
    2. Lunch
    3. Snack
    4. Dinner

These are the big questions I ask myself that help guide my choices:

The big idea here is that I want you to see what these eating guidelines look like in real life, and then learn how to adapt them to your own environment. 

Your action steps now are to: 

  • Eat your PRO’s with every meal, asking yourself how much protein is in your meal and how many servings of produce are you getting. 
  • As you’re eating, ask yourself about your non-produce carbs and your fats, too. 
  • Check in to see if you’ve already eaten what you’re about to eat. 
  • And then get creative with it!! 
  • But most importantly don’t expect to eat perfectly. I can’t even do that.

Wrapping Up and Taking Action

    • How much total protein does this meal contain? How can I get it up over 20g and closer to 30 or 40g of protein? If I know it’s 20g or less, I make a mental note of that and make a point to have a little extra protein at a later meal. 
      • I’m asking this because I want to make sure that I’m hitting over 120g of protein every day. 
    • Where’s my produce coming from and can I somehow add more? Is there a way that I can add another type of vegetable to this meal or more vegetables somehow?
      • I’m asking this because I want to try and get as many servings of produce in throughout the day, and preferably more vegetables. 
    • Where are the fats coming from in this meal? Because I’m not a vegetarian, I try to make a mental note of how much saturated fat is probably in the meal, whether there’s cheese or a fattier meat or butter or cream. Then I see if I can make sure to pull back on other saturated fat sources during the day and emphasize more nuts, seeds, avocado and other types of oil. 
      • I’m asking this because I want to make sure I’m eating some type of fat with every meal, while at the same time trying to get some variety. 
    • Are there non-produce carbohydrates in this meal? And if so, has it been a tough workout day? Are they whole, unprocessed sources of carbohydrates? Have I already had a serving of non-produce carbs at another point today? 
      • I’m asking this because I know that my body operates really great when I stick to about one serving of non-produce style carbs, maybe two if it’s been a hard workout day. 
    • Have I already eaten this today? And if I have, I try to pick something different. 
      • I’m asking this because I want to eat as much variety throughout the day as I can, to cover my nutrient bases. 

    You can do this, too. 

    I need you to understand that I do NOT eat perfectly. 

    • I have some days where I only eat two eggs and a piece of toast for breakfast. 
    • Or we go out to lunch and we decide to share a plate of nachos. 
    • Or I end up skipping my afternoon snack. 

    But when I follow the guidelines I laid out earlier and constantly ask myself those questions, just staying vigilant and disciplined, my body feels really good. And I can honestly say that having eaten like this for long, it has become intuitive and natural. And I prefer to eat this way. 

    And I’m not alone. Every day, moms in the Strong Mommas Coaching Program will post pictures of their meals, celebrating that they made this happen. 

    Meredith shared her breakfast that had two eggs, feta cheese, ham, spinach, and peppers with some giant strawberries on the side. She said: “I reeeaaaallly didn’t want to make breakfast this morning. I just wanted buttered toast and be done with it. But I’ve started telling myself “one meal at a time”. This meal will keep me full until lunch and I’ll have the energy to tackle my morning. I feel proud of these decisions and grateful for this group.” 

    Leah shared a picture of her lunch that was leftover chicken & vegetable curry over Caulirice.

    Alison shared a picture of her snack that was the Strong Mommas mixed berry smoothie, which is full of good stuff. 

    Jen shared a picture of her dinner that was full of Pros!!! Blackened Chicken with Avocado Crema over Quinoa and Roasted Cauliflower. (Which is a Strong Mommas recipe by the way). 

    What I love seeing is that none of these moms are eating exactly like I am or even exactly like each other. But what they are doing is implementing the simple framework of eating PRO’s at every meal and being mindful and aware of their carbs and fats. And beyond that, they’re using their own creativity to come up with fun dishes that look delicious!

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