Two Important Eating Habits You're Probably Missing

March 16, 2021

Two MAJOR aspects to healthy eating that most people miss.

Most people skip straight over these and go straight for the list of foods they should eat and shouldn’t eat.

But, if you’re missing these important pieces of information, no diet will ever work for you. Period. 

So listen up. It’s not about WHAT you should be eating...

...It’s all about HOW you eat. 

Am I talking about chewing? Haha, nope. I’m sure you’ve got that figured out by now. 

I’m talking about the speed at which you eat, your mannerisms while you eat, and what you’re thinking about while you eat. 

The HOW.

Today marks the beginning of a new podcast series I'm starting. This series is all about creating strong food foundations. Over the course of a few episodes, I want to help you build a strong foundation for healthy eating. This foundation will help you make good food choices no matter where you are and no matter what season you’re in. 

But, before we talk about any specifics of WHAT should go in your mouth, we need to talk about HOW.

In this episode, Scott and I talk about why eating slowly and mindfully is so important.

These two skills may not seem like much, but if you can practice these and implement them regularly. When you do this, you’re going to experience some major breakthroughs with your nutrition. 

I’m that serious.

And at the end of the episode, I give you a challenge to try. I want you to give it your best shot and see what happens. And then report back to me.

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