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August 24, 2021 by Megan Dahlman

Stop Making These Fitness and Nutrition Mistakes

Megan Dahlman Strong Mommas Podcast

There’s a phenomenon that ALWAYS occurs towards the end of a season - Season Fatigue. 

But then things switch, and there’s a giant burst of motivation at the beginning of the season. The end of August and the beginning of September is when I have witnessed this the most. 


But with this burst of motivation, we get a lot of women jumping head first into routines or programs and aren’t fully prepared. So they make a lot of mistakes. 


Which leads to FRUSTRATION!! I don’t want you to be frustrated this season… I want you to be successful! 


Let's look at the biggest mistakes people make when they dive in, and commit to taking charge of their health.

The Biggest Mindset Mistakes You May Be Making

Playing the Comparison Game - what others are doing, jumping on the bandwagon, maybe even comparing yourself now to who you were in the past.


SOLUTION: Focus on who YOU are, right now, and what will be the wisest approach for you in this season of life. 


Having the “Change All The Things” attitude, which leads to all-or-nothing behaviors. You notice all the ways that you’re falling short, and you jump in with the commitment to change everything. 


SOLUTION: JOT - “Just One Thing” attitude. Let this be your mantra, your benchmark for success. Work on just one thing at a time and aim to do that one thing to the very best of your ability.

The Biggest Fitness Mistakes You May Be Making

Trying to do too much too soon. Super common! Probably the best example of this is someone who hasn’t worked out in months, then shows up to an Orange Theory class (because of the sweat, intensity, previous experience) and gets pummeled. (I have nothing against OT, btw… it’s just that anyone can walk in off the street and jump into what are pretty advanced moves and the environment encourages an intensity that someone might not be ready for.) 


SOLUTION: Intentionally start slow. (It’s like having a governor on the kids’ 4-wheeler. It’s intentionally there for their safety.) Start with one or two days/week of an intentional workout session that’s short and bodyweight-only, and fill in the gaps with stretching and going for walks. 


Doing the same old thing again - gravitating back to what’s convenient and familiar, even if it didn’t work before. Running is what comes to my mind with this. While it’s important to just get yourself moving, and something familiar might feel like the lowest barrier to entry, don’t do something just because you’ve done it before. 


SOLUTION: Have the courage to try to do it differently than before. It might put you slightly outside of your comfort zone at first, but if you trust the guidance and the coaching, you just might find something that works even better for you.

The Biggest Nutrition Mistakes You May Be Making

Doing advanced eating strategies. Calorie counting, macro counting, meal timing, intermittent fasting, going keto and carb cycling, supplementing like crazy - all of these things are extremely advanced eating strategies that should not be attempted until you’ve mastered the basics. 


SOLUTION: If it’s a mealtime, eat. Eat slowly. Eat your PRO’s. Drink adequate water.


Restricting and cutting things out. Sugar, calories, fat, entire macronutrient categories, entire food groups. 


SOLUTION: Flip the script and start by ADDING things in. Don’t focus on what you shouldn’t be eating…. Turn all of your attention on what you should be eating more of.

The Proof

I recently got a video from Hannah, one of the moms that I coach. She was explaining to me how she had always started and stopped, started and stopped - so many different fitness and nutrition routines over the years, and nothing ever really stuck. 


She wasn’t terribly unhealthy, but she really struggled to consistently prioritize her health and fitness. 


But in this video Hannah was so proud of herself for doing it differently this time around and being patient. (She even said, “I can see this is now the wiser and more mature version of me. This program has literally changed my life.”) Doing baby steps. Not going too hard or too fast. And focusing on just one specific thing at a time. 


And because of that approach, she was building muscle, feeling strong, having more energy, and feeling better than she’d felt in a very long time.

In Summary

The big idea here is that I don’t want you to make the same ol’ mistakes this year. You’re going to have a burst of motivation (that’s great!), but be wiser and more mature about it this year. Take it slow, do the better things for your mindset, your exercise habits and your nutrition. And you’ll have a far more successful experience and will be more likely to achieve the outcome you want. 


Your action steps now are to: 

  • Evaluate what you want this next season to look like
  • Identify any of the mistakes that you can see you’re about to make


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