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November 16, 2021 by Megan Dahlman

Self-Care During the Trials and Hardest Seasons of Life with Cori Campbell

Megan Dahlman Strong Mommas Podcast

Are you in a really hard season right now, maybe a deep crisis that has you tied up in knots… full of anxiety or depression? Do you find yourself spiraling with your thoughts and having your faith challenged more than you ever wanted? If that’s you, I bet it’s also impacting the way you think about your body, your body image, and how you take care of it on a daily basis. 

Instead of feeling the pressure to keep all the plates spinning right now, maybe what you really need is a huge helping of grace and the permission to stop and take a breath. 

Today, I’m getting the opportunity to chat with my friend Cori Campbell who went through this exact scenario. She’s a wife and a mom to 3 boys, and happens to be a nurse and lactation consultant (which I pick her brain about for a minute…), but what we really talk about is her story of having an intense family crisis, her severe anxiety in the midst of it, and the negative thoughts that boiled to the surface as a result. Her situation definitely impacted how she ate and trained for a season, and she had to deal with some conflicting emotions about that. 

But the beautiful thing about Cori’s story is the ending - where she is now and what she has accomplished as a result of the hardest season of her entire life. 

I’m excited for you to be blessed by this conversation… it’s a good one. 

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