March 2, 2021

Letting go of perfect and finding true self-worth in Christ with Ally Salyers

Do you find your value in being a perfectionist and getting all those boxes checked? As a mom, it’s easy to worship structure. Especially when that structure is working and progress - physical progress - is happening. But what happens when God desires something different for you? What do you do when your plans get thwarted and digression seems to set in? 

On today’s episode, you get to meet a remarkable woman that I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside on her health and fitness journey. Ally used to proudly check all the boxes and had a dramatic (30 pound!) transformation to tell. But then life happened - pregnancy, injury, career, family - and progress looked very different. 

For Ally, being fully mature and stable in her health does NOT look like perfection. Far from it. Prepare to be inspired to see your own journey a little differently!

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