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August 31, 2021 by Megan Dahlman

Kid Friendly Meal Planning With My Best Healthy Snack Hacks

Megan Dahlman Strong Mommas Podcast

So today, Calvin and I are going to help you with this. We’re talking all about Healthy, kid-friendly meals on the go.


Why is this important? Because you want to help your kids eat healthy and establish some healthy eating habits from a young age, but it’s important that we do recognize that kids can be super picky, and sometimes it’s just more convenient to hand them something easy.

Start With A Healthy Structure

Same as adults! Lots of protein, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, and minimal processing/sugar. 


    • Encourage to eat at regular mealtimes plus snacks
      • Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, maybe another snack
    • For the main meals - Start with a protein-filled option, pick a fruit and/or a vegetable, add in some whole grains and maybe a healthy fat (like cheese, nuts, seeds, olives, butter)
    • For snacks - limit to one packaged item per day (granola bar)

Breakfast Ideas


  • Easiest (in the car): Deconstructed - string cheese, trail mix, dried fruit, banana, nut butter, whole grain toast with butter
  • Moderate difficulty (at home but not much time): Hard boiled egg or scrambled eggs, oatmeal (homemade or Better Oats), yogurt, berries, seeds


  • Most difficult (make ahead ideas): Breakfast burritos or breakfast sandwiches

Lunch Ideas

  • Easiest (in the car): charcuterie (meat & cheese & crackers), veggie sticks, sliced apples, olives
  • Moderate difficulty: sandwich or wrap with meat and cheese and veggies,
  • Most difficult: Quesadilla with chicken and cheese, baked chicken strips with a fruit and a vegetable

Dinner Ideas


  • Easiest (in the car): Leftovers, Breakfast or bean burritos, sandwich or wrap, 


  • Moderate: Baked sausages with roasted vegetables, egg bakes, baked salmon with sauteed vegetables
  • Most difficult: Barbecued chicken with salad and fruit, marinated pork loin with roasted potatoes and salad

Snack Ideas

  • Granola bar (1 packaged item) 
  • Yogurt (low sugar, high protein option)
  • Cheese
  • Fruit (banana, orange, apple, grapes) 
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Pretzels dipped in hummus
  • Trail mix

In Summary

The big idea here is that I don’t want you to be overwhelmed or have unnecessary pressure to try and feed your kids perfectly. BUT, I want you to see that there are easy ways to grab healthy food, even if you’re on the go, and even if your kids are super picky. If the eating habits in your home have been way off base, I want to encourage you to just implement one change - whether that’s limiting the packaged item to just once a day, or adding in veggies with lunch. Just one step in the right direction. 


I know you can do this and you’re going to come up with lots of your own ideas. Keep in mind, the best way to encourage healthy eating habits in your kids is to lead by example. 


If your own eating habits are all over the place, it’s going to be a million times harder to encourage your kids to eat healthier if you’re not. If you need help with this, I’m here for you. My Jumpstart 30 program is ideal for getting your nutrition back on track.


Click the link below in the resources section to join my now in JUMPSTART 30.

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