61. Getting Consistent! How to Create Better Goals and Set Realistic Expectations

Getting Consistent! Let’s Create Better Goals and Set Realistic Expectations [Ep. 61]

Getting more consistent with your workouts and eating habits is TOUGH! But I’m helping you get there. And learning how to actually create better goals for yourself and have a realistic and doable set of expectations is extremely important.

On this episode, I’m teaching you the formula for goal setting that WORKS. And then we’ll re-examine those goals through a lens of your own unique circumstances and frequent curveballs, landing on a set of action steps that actually feel really easy! 

We’re talking about: 

  • Your big “WHY”,
  • The difference between an outcome goal vs. action steps (and why this matters), 
  • How to make your goals easier, 
  • Thinking differently about your “excuses”. 

​If you struggle to stick with your routine and can’t seem to make forward progress, this episode will give you so much clarity!! 

The Goal Setting Formula:

  1. What is your “why”, your true motivation for showing up and getting the work done? And why does this matter to you? 
  2. What is your “big picture goal” that moves you in the direction of your “why” from step #1?
    1. Make sure it’s specific and measurable
    2. Make sure it has a timeframe
  3. What are the clear action steps that you will DO on a daily/weekly basis that will move you in the direction of your “big picture goal” from step #2?
    1. What nutrition habits will you follow?
    2. What exercise habits will you follow?
  4. Now, go back and re-examine steps #2 and #3 and make them several notches easier. 
    1. Take into consideration all of your unique hurdles and barriers on a daily basis. 
    2. You should adjust your goal and action steps until they feel 100% doable – you can adhere to it without a doubt.