Battling Self-Comparison Everyday

June 29, 2021 by Megan Dahlman

Battlinging Self-Comparison and Giving Yourself Grace Everyday

Megan Dahlman Strong Mommas Podcast

Do you struggle to give yourself grace each day?

Do you struggle to give yourself grace each day? Maybe, you used to be in way better shape than you are now, and somehow things fell to the wayside for a while...maybe for years. Now you’re feeling the nudge to refocus and start taking better care of your body. But you know it’s just not going to be the same, and you have a hard time being gracious with yourself about it.  


If you’ve dealt with any of those feelings, you need today’s episode.


I’m chatting with my good friend and client Gay Taunton today...a southern momma from Georgia. She shocked me one day when she casually mentioned that she used to be a serious weightlifter and even trained to compete in a bodybuilder competition. 


But after becoming a mom, she stopped it all and put her body on the back burner. 


Now, two decades later, she’s learned how to rewrite that negative self-care script that’s going through her mind and pick up the torch again. Her story is crazy inspiring and I could listen to her southern drawl all day. You’re going to love getting to know Gay as much as I have!

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